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Blue Ridge Church began in 2013 as a place where everyone would be welcome to seek and to learn about the claims and promises of Christian faith. In some ways it's a modern take on church, but in many ways it's how the Church began over two thousand years ago: just an honest approach to the study of Scripture­­not a lot of human traditions, not trying to be the best or the only church in town; just a group of folks­­believers and seekers and fellow pilgrims­­seeking to learn and encourage each other and do our best to live like Jesus lived. We don't nearly get it right all the time, but with God's help, we're growing and we'd like to invite you to join us on that journey. You're welcome here if you've been going to church your whole life...or if you've never been; if you'd call yourself Christian...or if you just have questions and want to know more about what we believe. No pressure, no guilt­­just honest seeking together. If that sounds like you, please check us out. We'll be happy to meet you!